Feminist Last Naming Practices

Nontraditional Last Name Stories

William Wilsey

William Wilsey was interviewed by his daughter on his thoughts about his wife keeping her natal name. He describes his view on why his wife kept her last name. “The story with mom is mom was a working professional and all of her professional business contacts knew her as Hillary Hutchison, and at the time she felt like it would be easy for her professionally if she would keep her last name. So, it made it easier for her she made the choice to do that. When she quit working she just it had been so long, she decided to keep it.”

When asked his feelings on her choice he said, “It didn’t bother me one way or another, it had nothing to do with feminism. It just was easier for her. I feel like its common in big cities, women who want their professional lives. If you have everything in that name, mom had a complicated project that meant a lot to her so it was important for her to keep it, it’s difficult to change a name.” He explained that both of their parents forgot that Hillary kept her last name so they would send mail and other things for Hillary Wilsey.

“The most interesting thing about our relationship is that we were Bill and Hillary like Bill and Hillary Clinton. Everyone always talks about our first names but not our last ones,” he discussed.


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