Feminist Last Naming Practices

Nontraditional Last Name Stories


2012 Research

Many of the interviews touched upon similar themes.  As a class, we found these similarities intriguing and explored them in the form of essays:

Choices/Options– factors that influence nontraditional naming

Created Names– focus on created family names as a way for women not to be erased

Family Names– explores variables present in choosing a united family name

How Divorce Influences Name Change– explores women’s last name decisions following a divorce

Hyphenated Children– the effects of last name hyphenation on children

Influence of Attachment to a Name and its Meaning in Last-Naming Practices– personal attachment to last names

Ironies and Contradictions– explores unexpected outcomes of keeping, changing, or taking a name

Keeping a Name for Professional Reasons– focus on women who keep last name to retain professional identity

Paternalism and Patrilineality– exploring traditional paternal naming practices

Problems and Inconveniences for Interviewee’s with Alternative Last Names– unforeseen issues with nontraditional naming

Queer Couples and Last-Naming Practices– a discussion of factors that influence queer couples last naming decisions

Regrets– regrets associated with retaining last name

Role Models– the influence of role models on nontraditional naming practices

Taking Women’s Names– discussion of female last name retinance in marriages and unions

The Feminist Last Naming Project: The Subjectivity of Loyalty– reasons surrounding identity that influence naming

Tradition and Ethnicity Interacting with Feminism in Naming Practices– evaluates how heritage helps determine naming

Visibility via Names: feminism– how naming influences female visibility

2012 Literature Review 


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