Feminist Last Naming Practices

Nontraditional Last Name Stories

Malcolm Perkins-Smith

Malcolm has his mother and father’s surnames combined with a hyphen.

Malcolm described the history and attachment associated with his surname and said, “I think they’re both just like very Western European, early American names… Both my family have strong roots going back. Both those names are around a lot of places. I know that the Perkins side was part of the Mayflower in some way, and that’s how the name came across.”

Malcolm described how people used his last names and said, “I’ve been called both my last names. Some people refer to me by just Smith, some people by just Perkins. It really depends on people’s relations with me and what side of the family they might have close relation to. My high school soccer coach, who worked really closely with my dad, would call me Malcolm Smith. And people I know on the East Coast who are closer with my mom’s side of the family call me Malcolm Perkins.”



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