Feminist Last Naming Practices

Nontraditional Last Name Stories

Laura Steinbach

Laura Steinbach kept her natal name when she married her husband for a mixture of personal and professional reasons.

I’ve always been Laura Steinbach. There’s never been a name change. I married late, at thirty-six, and by that time I had had a career. I had a long series of activities associated with Steinbach and I had no desire to change it. In fact, it looked like just plain blotter to me, for no real purpose.

Laura already had one child when she married Randy Payne, Julia Steinbach. When Randy and Laura had a child, they named her Katherine Steinbach-Payne.

She has lived with me the majority of the time, since the divorce, and I perceive that she is more comfortable with Steinbach because that’s who she’s around all the time. The Julia Steinbach, Laura Steinbach, Katherine Steinbach unit has been in place for some time.

Laura is unconcerned with Katherine losing the history of her name, should she drop one side of the hyphen. She states that family history is more important concerning health than names, and that Katherine doesn’t “have to carry any of it and it won’t mean” she doesn’t “love me.”


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