Feminist Last Naming Practices

Nontraditional Last Name Stories

International Naming Practices

The various possibilities within international naming practices are too infinite to be listed here. Likewise, feminist statements across cultures are very diverse. This does not mean that patrilineal practices are not to be found in other cultures, though.

In India, like the United States, women are expected to their their husband’s surname and join his familial identity. However, patrilineal practices can also manifest themselves in different ways. For example, in Ethiopia, the father’s first name become’s the chid’s first name. This becomes the family name, whereas surnames are not part of traditional Ethiopian culture. Fasilidas Teshome Gebru¬†mother rebelled by giving him the name Fasilidas, her name as his middle name, and his father’s name as his surname.

Click Here to read interviews of people whose names are affected by international naming practices.


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