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Created Surname

Creating an entirely new surname is not necessarily a common practice in the United States, but perhaps it has the most benefits of all the naming practices. For one thing, the name can be concise, a definite benefit compared to the often lengthy names that are created through hyphenation. For another, a created name symbolizes the creation of  a new family. Equality is created since both spouses give up their names. However, there is a tinge of irony behind the feminist goal of a created name; oftentimes people will assume that the created name is actually just the husband’s name, overshadowing the effort to value both spouses’ names equally.

Click Here for interviews of people with a created family name.


One thought on “Created Surname

  1. This is what my wife and I did! Here’s our explanation: “Why I’ll Change my Last Name when I get Married—Even Though I have a Penis” http://jchjackson.tumblr.com/post/27412869942/lastname (I tried to write this comment on a different part of the site. If it worked on that page, then please forgive the redundancy.)

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