Feminist Last Naming Practices

Nontraditional Last Name Stories

Carrie Cruz

Carrie is of Spanish origin and kept her paternal natal name in marriage.

When asked about her thoughts on the U.S. tradition of women taking their husbands’ names at marriage, she said, “ For me it’s really shocking that people do that in the U.S., that women change their last name… It’s shocking. It’s truly shocking to me as a woman that people do that, and that that cultural norm exists. In 2012, it’s shocking. As a Spaniard, it’s shocking.”

Carrie expressed her thoughts on the best solution for the feminist naming conundrum and said, “I think the option in Spain is the best one: it’s not hyphenated; you have two last names. When they role call in school, they say both last names. There is no hyphen. In any form you fill out you have to give two last names. I mean, always, in every form.”


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