Feminist Last Naming Practices

Nontraditional Last Name Stories

About Us

2013 Project

From left to right (Adriane Berenson, Meghan Berns, Maggie Deadrick, Jaira Wilsey, A. Gracie Rennecker, Professor Sarah Hautzinger, Sawyer Schweitzer, Sophia Carmen, Michaela Kobsa-Mark)

Dr. Sarah Hautzinger

A. Gracie Rennecker

Adriane Berenson

E. Sawyer Schweitzer

Jaira Wilsey

Maggie Deadrick

Meaghan Berns

Michaela Kobsa-Mark

Sophia Carmen

2012 Project

This group of Colorado College students pioneered the Feminist Last Naming Project and they conducted over 60 interviews with individuals in December 2012 during a class taught by Professor Sarah Hautzinger. https://flnp.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/img_21431.jpg Bottom left to right: Laura DiRusso, E. Sawyer Schweitzer, Amanda Cahn, Shayla Gordon, Sophia Carmen, Lara Atkins, Kelson Brighton.Middle left to right: Jessica Higgins, Daphnee Chabal, Sarah Lebovitz, Sarah Hautzinger, Rhea Jain, Rachel Fischman, Juwan Rohan, Katy Stetson.Top left to right: Amy Rippe, Kira Osborn, Jaira Wilsey, A. Gracie Rennecker, C. Hershall Cook, Erik Laitos.


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