Feminist Last Naming Practices

Nontraditional Last Name Stories

Catherine Smith

When Catherine and her partner had a commitment ceremony, they both decided to keep their maiden names. Now that her partner Mandy is pregnant, they are revisiting the conversation, and Catherine is considering taking her wife’s last name in order to reflect more of a family unit. She doesn’t hold any attachment to her last name Smith, and feels slightly disconnected from it because her father’s parents and his side of the family aren’t supportive of her relationship with Mandy.

 I don’t feel an attachment to my name and we both are a little bit hesitant to s

support a last name that doesn’t necessarily support us, meaning my family.

Catherine really likes Mandy’s last name and she has a strong relationship to her background and heritage it represents, so Catherine is considering taking it. Both her parents are supportive of the decision.


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